Resident Bangladeshi nationals can open a RFCD (Resident Foreign Currency Deposit) account with foreign currency brought in at the time of return from travel.



Deposit Up to USD 10,000

any time without declaration

Purchase Airline Tickets



  • Age: At least 18 years
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi
  • Features
  • Open in the form of USD, GBP & Euro
  • Deposit up to USD 10,000.00 or its equivalent any time without declaration
  • You can turn your City Maxx American Express card to Dual Currency Card by joining it to your account
  • Avail international credit card against account balance
  • Freely endorse and carry during travel abroad
  • Freely convertible to local currencies
  • Benefits
  • Payment of international mobile roaming bills
  • Remit children's tuition fees & living expenses abroad
  • Purchase airline tickets
  • Purchase books from abroad
  • Send international seminar attendance fees
  • Payment of International Credit Card bills
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