Agent Banking

With a view to spread banking facilities to the root level throughout the country, City Bank brings agent banking. Now enjoy our banking facilities at your reach.


Mission and objectives

Simplifying all banking needs of the customers and reaching them out to customers' doorsteps are the mission and objective of City Agent Banking.

  • Opening savings, current, pay scale, student and other accounts
  • Cash deposit and withdrawal
  • Transferring funds to other banks or accounts without any hassle
  • Providing remittance money
  • Checking balance
  • Providing mini statement
  • Taking bills (electricity bill, gas bill, mobile bill etc)
  • Taking clearing cheque
  • Taking applications for micro and agriculture loans
  • DPS/fixed deposit services
  • Taking school and college fees
  • Nationality has to be Bangladeshi
  • Age should be above 18 years (except for student account)
  • NID/passport/driving license/local chairman's certificate with attested photo/birth certificate and any photo-ID
  • 2 copies passport size photographs of customer
  • One copy photo and photo-ID of the nominee
  • Customer must have a trade license to open a business account

If a customer is eligible for opening account, agent will provide the account opening form.

  • Cash deposit
  • Fund transfer
  • Utility bill payment
  • Taking remittance
  • Cash withdrawal

Other Facilities:

  • Payment of salary in area based business institute through the outlet
  • Taking clearing cheque of any other bank in agent outlet
  • Collecting application for micro and agriculture loan
  • Payment of school and college fees through agent outlet
  • Providing all types of card related information through agent outlet
  • Receiving application to activate internet banking
  • Receiving insurance premium
  • Receiving monthly installment of association/society

Sl No. Outlet Name Outlet Address
1 Dhaka Uddan 45 Hazi Dil Mohammad Avenue, Mohammadpur
2 Joshor Bazar Joshor Bazar
3 Korihat Mannan Plaza, Kori Hut
4 Udaysadur Hat Udaysadur Hat
5 Kanchkura Bazar Kanchkura Bazar, Chairman Market
6 Matikata Bazar matikata
7 Birgonj Birgonj Bazar
8 Kaharol Kaharole Bazar
9 Golapganj Bazar Golapganj Bazar
10 Bangla Bazar Nawabganj address update required
11 Bangla Bazar Dohar addreess update required
12 Tikorpur Tikirpur
13 Abadpukur Abadpukur Bazar
14 Kalakandi Kolakandi Bazar
15 Sonapur Noyahat, Sonapur bazar
16 Tailkupi Bazar Tailkupi Bazar
17 Vatir Tek Chittagong
18 Shantirhat Outlet Shantirhat, Noakhali Sadar,Noakhali,ctg
19 Chandpur Bazar Chadpur Bazar,Kapasia,Gazipur
20 Meherpur Kasari Bazar,Meherpur Sadar, Meherpur
21 RIP, MULGAON Kaliganj Bazar,RFL Industrial Park, Kaliganj,Gazipur
22 Horinhati Outlet Horinhati,Chandra, Kaliakoir, Gazipur
23 Dainkini Dainkini Agent Outlet, Dainkini, Kaliakoir, Gazipur
24 Sadullahpur Bazar Sadullahpur Bazar,Sadullahpur, Gaibandha
25 Pandit Pukur Bazar Pandit Pukur Bazar, Nandigram,Bogra
26 Bhabaniganj Outlet Vill : Kollabachapara, Kurihalkhala, nilfamari sadar, Nilfamari
27 Gridakalindia Bazar Clollage Market, Gridakalindia Bazar, Faridganj, Chandpur
28 Jalsuka Bazar Jalsuka, Upzallia: Kaliakoir, Gazipur.
29 Shafipur Bazar Shafipur, Upzallia: Kaliakoir, Gazipur.
30 Cheora Cheora Rastar Matha, Chauddagram, Comilla
33 Chondipur Bazar Chondipur Bazar Agent Outlet, Chondipur, Bhangura, Pabna
34 Ishwardi Bazar Ishwardi Bazar Agent Outlet, Ishwardi, Pabna
35 Ghorashal PIP Ghorashal PIP Agent Outlet,PIP School, Ghorashal, Narsingdi
36 BRTA Staff Quarter Market BRTA Staff Quarter Market Agent Outlet, Mirpur, Dhaka
37 Mohadevpur Mohadevpur, Mohadevpur Sadar, Naogaon
38 Bhakurta UDC Bhakurta UDC Agent Outlet, 12 No Bhakurta UDC, Bhakurta, Savar, Dhaka
39 Kichok Bazar Kichok Bazar, Shibgonj, Bogra
40 Bhanga Thanar Road, Bhanga, Faridpur
41 Bashtoil Bazar Bashtoil Bazar, Mirzapur, Tangail
42 Karimpur Bazar Karimpur Bazar, Narsingdi Sadar, Narsingdi
43 Mataji Hat Mataji Hat, Mohadevpur. Naogaon
44 Bhabaniganj Rajshahi Bhabaniganj, Bagmara, Rajshahi
45 Baura Union Digital Center Baura Union Digital Center, Patgram, Lalmonirhat
46 Bhelaguri Union Digital Center Bhelaguri Union Digital Center, Hatibandha, Lalmonirhat
47 Palashi Union Digital Center Palashi Union Digital Center, Aditmari, Lalmonirhat
48 Thirty Nine Ward Chattorram City Digital 39 No. Chattorram City Digital Center, Chattorram City Corporation,Chattorram
49 Twenty Four No Ward Chattogram CDC 24 No. Ward Chattogram CDC, Chattogram City Corporation, Chttogram
50 Twenty Seven No Ward Chattogram CDC Ward 27, Chattogram City Corporation, Chottogra
51 Eight No Ward Chattogram CDC Ward No 8, Chattogram City Corporation, Chattogram
52 Seventh No Ward Chattogram CDC Ward No 7, Chattogram City Corporation, Chattogram
53 HIP Habiganj Industrail Park, Sayestaganj, Habiganj
54 Babuchi Babuchi Bazar,Chauddagram, Comilla
55 Rahimanagr Kachua, Chandpur, Chittagong
56 Keshorhat Keshorhat, Mohanpur, Rajshahi
57 BANDAIKHARA Bandaikhara, Atrai, Naogaon
58 Batakandi Batakandi Bazar, Titas,Comilla
59 HATBOALIA Hatboalia, Alamdanga, Chuadanga,
60 MOGALHAT UDC Mogalhat Union Parishad, Sadar, Lalmonirhat
61 KULAGHAT UDC Kulaghat Union Parishad, Sadar, Lalmonirhat
62 RAJPUR UDC Rajpur Union Parishad, Sadar, Lalmonirhat
63 KHUNIAGACH UDC Khuniagach Union Parishad, Sadar, lalmonirhat
64 GOKUNDA UDC Gokunda Union Parishad, Sadar, Lalmonirhat
65 PANCHAGRAM UDC Panchagram Union Parishad, Sadar, lalmonirhat
66 BOROBARI UDC Borobari Union Parishad, Sadar, Lalmonirhat
67 BHELABARI UDC Bhelabari Union Parishad, Aditmari, Lalmonirhat
68 SAPTIBARI UDC Saptibari Union Parishad, Saptibari Bzazar, Aditmari, Lalmonirhat
69 SAPTIBARI UDC, POSHCHIM DOILJOR Saptibari Union Parishad, Poshchim Doiljor, Aditmari, Lalmonirhat
70 TUSHVANDAR UDC Tushvandar Union Parishad, Kaligong, Lalmonirhat
71 GOTAMARI UDC Gotamari Union Parishad, Hatibandha, Lalmonirhat
72 JONGRA UDC Jongra Union Parishad, Patgram, Lalmonirhat
73 DOHOGRAM UDC Dohogram Union Parishad, Patgram, Lalmonirhat
74 BURIMARI UDC Burimari Union Parishad, Patgram, Lalmonirhat
75 DOLGRAM UDC Dolgram Union Parishad, Kaligong, Lalmonirhat
76 KOMOLABARI UDC Komolabari Union Parishad, Aditmari, Lalmonirhat
77 KAKINA UDC Kakina Union Parishad, Kaligong, Lalmonirhat
78 Goddimari UDC Lalmonirhat Goddimari Medicle More Bazar, Hatibandha, Lalmonirhat
79 Kaliatol Kaliatol, Gunabati, Chauddagram, Comilla, Chittagong
80 NABINAGAR Nabinagar Bazar, Nabinagar, B.Baria
81 Santir Bazar Santir Bazar, Chauddagram, Comilla
82 LALBAGH Lalbagh, Dhaka
83 Khoribari Khoribari, Niamatpur, Naogaon
84 Mochmoil Mochmoil Bazar, Mochmoil, Beltola More, Bagmara, Rajshahi.
85 GOSTOHATIR MORE Gostohatir More, Naogaon Sadar, Naogaon.
86 Soti Hat Soti Hat, Sreepur, Manda, Naogaon.
87 Kathagora Kathgora, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka.
88 Tejgaon Tejgaon, Dhaka
89 Karaia UDC Chandpur Karaia Union Parishad, Kachua, Chandpur
90 Uttar Meher UDC Chandpur Uttar Meher Union Parishad, Shahrasti, Chandpur
91 Paschim Sahadebpur UDC Chandpur Paschim Sahadebpur Union Parishad, Kachua, Chandpur
92 Dakshin Suchipara UDC Chandpur Dakshin Suchipara Union Parishad, Shahrasti, Chandpur
93 Uttar Roysree UDC Chandpur Uttar Raysree Union Parishad, Shahrasti, Chandpur
94 BORO KESHTOLA Boro Keshtola Bazar, Monoharganj, Comilla
95 Naruli Bogra Naruli, Bogra Sadar, Bogra
96 Kashimpur Gazipur Kashimpur, Gazipur, Dhaka
97 Gazinagar Lakshmipur Gazinagar, Raipur, Lakshmipur
98 Fulbari Dinajpur Nimtala, Fulbari, Dinajpur
99 Jorpukur Gazipur Jorpukur, Joydebpur, Gazipur
100 Poyalgacha Comilla Poyalgacha, Barura, Comilla
101 Padua Bazar Comilla Padua Bazar, Alkara, Chauddagram, Comilla
102 Mohammadia Housing Mohammadia Housing, W/N: 30, Adabor, Dhaka
103 Navaron Jessore Navaron, Jessore
104 Jhikargacha Jessore Jhikargacha, Jessore
105 Patkelghata Satkhira Patkelghata, Satkhira
106 Bhangura Pabna Bhangura, Pabna
107 Jhatiapara Comilla Jhatiapara, Raikot South, Nangalkot, Comilla
108 DEWANGANJ, JAMALPUR Dewanganj, Jamalpur, Mymensingh
109 Purbo Badda Purbo Badda, Badda, Dhaka
110 Mithapukur Rangpur Mitha Pukur, Rangpur
111 Shibganj Chapai Nawabganj Shibganj Bazar, Shibganj, Chapai Nawabganj
112 Panti Bazar Cumilla Panti Bazar, 21 No Babuti Para, Muradnagar, Cumilla
113 Ceramics Bazar 44/2 dakhin doriampur, Savar, Dhaka
114 BIRULIA UDC Birulia Union Parishad, Savar, Dhaka.
115 Ulipur Kurigram Chilmari,Kurigram,Rangpur
116 College Bazar Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar, Rangpur
117 Joypurhat Sadar Joypurhat, Rajshahi
119 Monirampur Jessore Monirampur, Jessore, Khulna
120 Bagasra Jessore Baganchara, Jessore, Khulna
122 Chuadanga Sadar Chuadanga Sadar,Chuadanga,Khulna
123 Agailjhara GAILA,Agailjhara, Barisal
124 Sanarpar Siddirganj,Narayanganj,Dhaka
126 Lohagara Narail Lohagara, Narail, Khulna
127 Faridpur Bazar FARIDPUR BAZAR, PABNA
130 Tongi College College gate, Tongi, Gazipur
131 Kadirdi Bazar Kadirdi Bazar, faridpur, Dhaka
132 Panchagarh Sadar Rangpur Sadar, Rangpur
133 Assim Bazar Assim Bazar,Fulbaria,Mymensingh,Dhaka
134 Takerhat Madaripur Rajoir,Madaripur,Dhaka
135 Barguna Sadar Barguna, Barisal
136 Baradi Bazar Meherpur Sadar,Meherpur,Khulna
137 Keshabpur Keshabpur, Jeshore, Khulna
138 Bankra Jessore, Khulna
139 Kolaroa Satkhira, Khulna
140 Shyamnagar Satkhira, Khulna
141 Chowgasa Jessore, Khulna
142 Chatmohar Chatmohor, Pabna
143 Samaj Bazar Bhangura, Pabna
144 Monohorpur Bazar Ullapara, Sirajgonj,
145 Garo Bazar Ghatail Garo Bazar, Ghatail, Tangail Upazilla : Ghatail,Dhaka
146 Kazir More Madaripur Kazir More, Puran Bazar Upazilla : Madaripur Sador; Dhaka
147 Voiroba Moheshpur Voiroba Bazar, P/o: Voiroba Bazar, Upazilla : Moheshpur, Jhinaidah
148 Gurdah Moheshpur Gurdah Bazar, Moheshpur, Jhinaidah, Khulna
149 Kamrangirchar Outlet Kamrangirchar, Upazilla : Kamrangirchar District: Dhaka Division: Dhaka
150 Sundarganj Gaibandha Sundarganj,Gaibandha,Rangpur
151 Kazir Hat Jajira Shariatpur Vill + P/o: Dubisaybor Bondor (Kazir Hat), Upazilla : Jajira
152 Nager Digirpar Lakshmipur, Ctg
153 Bagbari Bazar Gabtoli Bogra ABUL KALAM AZAD MARKET, BAGBARI, GABTOLI, BOGRA Upazilla : Gabtoli Union: Nashipur District: Bogra Division: Rajshahi Post
154 Boalmari Bazar Boalmari baza,Upazilla:Boalmari , District: Faridpur Division: Dhaka
156 Dalal Bazar Outlet Dalal Bazar,Lakshmipur,Chittagong
157 Shariatpur Sadar Dhanuka,Ward-7,SP Office Road,Shariatpur Sadar,Dhaka.
158 Purapara Jhenaidah Purapara, Maheshpur, Jhenaidah
159 Jhenaidah Sadar Hol-46, Shop-46, Shere bangla sarak, Jhenaidah
160 SONA MASJID Sona Masjid, Shibganj, Chapai Nawabganj
161 Chandgazi Bazar Hazi Suza Miahr Bari, Joynagar, Chandgazi District: FeniDivision:Chittagong
162 Muktagacha Mymensingh Shailochapra,Jhanka Bazar,Muktagacha,Mymensingh.
163 Jadabpur Bazar Moheshpur Darsana,Jhinaidah,Khulna
164 Goyeshpur Bazar Gayeshpur,Pabna,Rajshahi.
165 Muladuli Gopalpru,Braigran,Natore,Rajshahi
166 Gaihataa Bazar Binayekpur, Ullapara, Sirajganj
167 Ganga Nagar Bazar Ganga Nagar Bazar, Sadar, Shariatpur
168 Chowbaria Malsira, Tanor, Rajshahi
169 Banshkhali Gunagari,Bashkhali, chittagong
170 Dhamairhat H A Plazza, Lalnagor, Dhamraihat, Rangunia, Chittagong
171 Patiya Guljar Super Market (2nd Floor), Station Road, Patiya
172 Sherpur Road Bogura Betgari, Sultanganj, Bogura Sadar, Bogura
173 PDC Shahjadpur Bera,Pabna,Rajshahi
174 Mirpur-1 Section-2,Block-C,Mirpur-2,Dhaka
175 Niamatpur Digi,Panihara,Naogaon,Rajshahi
176 Sambuganj Kalibari More,Mymensingh,Dhaka.
177 Gatail Bazar Kalibari More,Mymensingh,Dhaka.
178 Juktikhola Bazar Comilla Juktikhola Bazar,Comilla,Chittagong.
179 Binodpur Chapainawabganj Binodpur,Shibganj,Chapai Nawabganj,Rajshahi
180 Companyganj Bazar Bangara Bazar, Muradnagar, Comila
181 Padma Bazar Chandipur,Ramganj,Lakshmipur,Chittagong
182 Nalghor Bazar Cumilla Nalghor Bazar,Chouddagram,Cumilla,Chittagong
183 Shibchar Kadirpur,Shib Char,Madaripur,Dhaka
184 Surjapur Bazar Surjapur,Cumilla,Chittagong
185 Bamondanga Bamondanga,Gaibandha,Rangpur
186 Rasulpur Bazar Rasulpurbazar,Debidwar,Comilla,Chittagong
187 Byra Bazar Jagir,Manikganj,Dhaka
188 Dasherhat Rampur, Pokrampur, Lakshmipur Sadar. District: Lakshmipur Post: Pokrampur Post Code: 3705
189 Jokshin Bazar oksin Bazar, Dokkhinpas, Lakshmipur District: Lakshmipur Post: Ramanondi Post Code: 3702
190 Ekbarpur Chapainawabganj Binodpur,Shibganj,Chapai Nawabganj,Rajshahi
191 Proshadpur Bazar Naogaon Mokam,Sotihat Bazar,Manda,Naogaon,Rajshahi
192 Charfashion Bhola Ward No. 04, Charfashion Pouroshova, Bhola. District: Bhola Post: Charfashion Post Code: 8340
193 Adamdighi, Bogura Gorgram Road, Adamdighi,Bogra
194 Lalmohan Bhola Lalmohon,Bhola,Barishal
195 Betagi Barguna Betagi,Barguna,Barishal
196 Robir Bazar Maulvibazar Robir Bazar,Kulaura,Maulvibazar
197 Jawa Bazar Sunamganj Jawar Bazar,Chhatak,Sunamganj,Sylhet
198 Jawrani Bazar Lalmonirhat Bhalaguri,Hatibandha,Lalmonirhat,Rangpur
199 Islampur Dhamrai Islampur,Dhamrai,Dhaka
200 Mandarta Bazar Manikganj Mandarta Bazr,Chokmirpur,Daulatpur,Manikganj
201 Boyra Khulna Ahsan ullah sarani,Boyra,Khulna.
202 Jhalokhati Sador Shop-09, amtolaroad, Jhalokati
203 Khanjahan Ali Mazar Bagerhat Lichutola, amlapara,bagerhat sadar, Bagerhat
204 Balutpa Bazar Cumilla Kaliyajuri, Cumilla city corporation, Cumilla
205 Bangdaha Satkhira Polashpol, Satkhira Sadar, Satkhira
206 Boalia Council Bazar Chapainawabganj Boalia council bazar, Gomostapur, chapainawabganj
207 HELENCHA BAZAR Helenjja Bazar,Belbayna, Alfadanga, Faridpur
208 Gazipur Bazar Mymensingh Gazipur bazar, gouripur, Mymensingh
209 Arapara Bazar Magura Shatkhali,Shalikha,Magura,Khulna
210 Pailkura Bazar Netrokona Kendua,Netrokona,Dhaka
211 Shahjadpur Sirajganj Pallabi,Mirpur,Dhaka
212 Harinarayanpur Kushtia Harinarayanpur Bazar,E.B, Kushtia
213 Kasba Brahmanbaria Janata bank road, puraton bazar, kasba, Brahmanbaria
214 Jugirhat Chattogram Jugirhat, Hathazari, Chattogram
215 Asmania Bazar Cumilla Asmania Bazar, Narandia, Titas, Cumilla
216 Haripur Thakurgaon Dhirganjbazar,Haripur, Thakurgaon.
217 Gaibanda Sadar Paneya, Jahangirabad, Pirganj, Rangpur.
218 Darsana Chuadanga Loknathpur Bazar,Dhamura,Chuadanga
219 Madhabpur Bazar Habiganj Holding: 62 Kalibari Road, Madhabpur, Habiganj
220 Shidirganj Narayanganj Kassaf Shoping Center, Shidirganj, Narayanganj
221 Steel Mill Bazar Chittagong Steel Mill Bazar, North Patenga, Chittagong
222 Narun Bazar Narun Bazar, Kaliganj, Gazipur
223 Joyrsahara Bazar ko-131/1,Joyar Sahara Bazar,Vatara,Dhaka
224 Rajarbag Dhaka 91- Rajarbag, Basabo, Sabujbag, Dhaka
225 Nalua Bazar Chandpur Kachua,Chandpur,Chittagong
226 Chapapur Bazar Bogra Chapapur,Adamdigi,Bogra
227 Santahar Bazar Bogura Santahar, adamdigi, Bogura
228 Rowmari Bazar Kurigram College Para, Rowmari, Kurigram.
229 Bhuiyarhat Lakshmipur Bhuiyarhat, Lakshmipur Sadar, Lakshmipur
230 Kalibari Bazar Mymensingh Kalibari Bazar, Gabtoli, Muktagasa, Mymensingh.
231 Biddaganj Bazar Mymensingham Kustia Chakpara, Biddaganj, Mymensingh Sadar, Mymensingh
232 Dhankhola Bazar Meherpur Dhankhola, Gangni, Meherpur.
233 Matlab Bazar Chandpur H-478, Masjid Road, Matab Bazar, Matlab Dakshin, Chandpur.
234 Chandra Bazar Chandpur Dakshin Balia, Ward-08, Bakhorpur, Chadpur Sadar, Chandpur
235 Nitaiganj Narayanganj 42 No Bakhtiyar Khilji Road, Narayanganj.
236 HARATI UNION DIGITAL CENTER A K M Oajad Kobir, 5 No Harati Union, Namuri, Lalmonirhat Sadar, Lalmonirhat
237 Nardas MD. ISMAIL HOSAN MONDOL, Nardas, Bagmara, Rajshahi
238 DAMNASH MD. ISMAIL HOSAN MONDOL, Damnash, Bagmara, Rajshahi
239 Zigatola Dhaka Md. Moniruzzaman,23/C Zigatola (Ground Floor), Beside Sonali Bank, Zigatola, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
240 Putiazani Tangail MOHAMMAD MAINUL HOQUE ,Putiazani Bazar, Fazilhati, Delduar, Tangail
241 Kansat Chapai Nawabganj Mr. MD RANAUL ISLAM, Kansat, Gopalnagar, Shibganj, Chapai Nawabganj
242 BEROIL PALITA UDC A2i Bangladesh Govt Project, Beroil Palita Union Parishad, Magura, Khulna.
243 Nachole Chapainawabganj Mr. Md. Hasan Kabir , W/N : 07, Nachole, Chapai Nawabganj, Rajshahi
244 Boteswar TAJIMUL TECHNOLOGIES LTD.,Boteswar- Shah Poran , Sylhet
245 Hathazari Chattagram JAMAL UDDIN ,Hathhazari,Chittagong
246 Thakurgaon Sadar MD ASHIK-UL-ALAM ,Thakurgaon Pourasava, Thakurgaon, Rangpur
247 Miarhat MD. MINTU MIA , Nesarabad, Pirojpur, Barisal
248 Chawk Bazar Cumilla MD. SHARIF MAHMUD BHUIYAN, Chwak Bazar, Cumilla Adarsha Sadar, Cumilla
249 Rajbari Sadar Md. Sorowar Husain, Kacharipur,Rajbari,Dhaka